Summer, I bid thee Adieu

To me, the way stores, magazines, and even bloggers start showcasing fall and winter collections and items while it's still burning hot outside has always seemed rather obsolete, but well, this is the way the economy functions in the US, and since I am able to find candy corn at the grocery store in August, I'm not really going to complain. Not to mention, as cliché it may sound for a blogger to say that, fall IS my favourite season. 
This said, I thought that since today is Labour Day, I'd create a final summery outfit before moving on to fall fashion next week (stay tuned, my darlings!). A simple white cotton dress with statement metal sandals, an art-deco bag, a nautical ring and little make-up was to me a beautiful, dainty look to end the summer with... 
And I honestly cannot wait for what the fall will bring! 

What is your favourite season, fashion-wise? And why? 

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Beauty Follower said...

Prety set!

Well in Greece, September is going to be a summerish mont :)

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