September 18, 2013
One day, I'll live with someone who will bring me roses just because. In the meanwhile, I bring myself roses just because!

I know, I know, I haven't posted my regular "This Week" last Sunday, mostly because I was too busy running all over town in these babies. I'm glad to say my off-blog life has been extremely productive; I've put a lot of efforts into adding finishing touches to my home; aside from a dressing table for the bedroom that I'm still on the look-out for (I'm trying to find the right one: inexpensive and stylish), I think I am at last done!

While my insomnia is back, I've made it a point today to beat it. I did stay up all night painting (that's what happens when I find large canvasses and paint on sale at AC Moore), with few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, (you can view a snippet of my masterpieces on my Instagram) and got a few hours of sleep before the building maintenance guys came over for an annual check. I remained in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, but unlike last time, when they came to fix my then-defective kitchen plumbing (we're talking floods and all), I did not scream in horror as they came in (they have a key). In fact, I only became conscious of their presence when one of them told me he was done. I was still in my bed at that time, so he spoke to me from the hallway and told me before leaving I should get my air filters cleaned. 
"Air what?" I thought, figuratively blonde as I am.

So here I am, trying to figure out thanks to Google what those things are. I mean, if they're like the lint filters, I can risk setting my beautiful new home (along with the entire building) on fire, and that would be a shame, now would it?

In any case, today I have finally some free time to write and blog after the whirlwind of the past week. I just sat down with a pot of Cream Earl Grey, lit a stick of rose-sandalwood incense (from this amazing Etsy shop), put on some Wagner, and when I gaze up from my screen and around me, I feel relaxed, productive and so happy.

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