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Quick update: one of you very kindly noted she couldn't find a link to my Bloglovin page; and I'm quite mortified to realize I didn't put up the button (I had removed it a while ago when I re-designed the blog). I quickly rectified this and you can find it now on the right column, above the Facebook widget (I also encourage you to click the "like" button to subscribe and stay updated!) 

While I haven't really planned for it, I'm noticing a pattern here; that it's only in the fall that I show you the content on my bag. It's what I did two years ago, and again last year, so the idea of doing one again at this time came almost naturally. I must have an internal clock for these things... or maybe I was just excited to show you my new Kenneth Cole Reaction tote (and a little snippet of my living room as well; stay tuned for the full home tour!)

It's rather funny, but looking back, I cannot see how the change of my purse content reflects the changes in my life. For the first time, I'm taking the photo from my living room, in a home of my very own, where I am happy and tranquil. I could go into a deeper philosophical rant, but I'll spare you that and describe in a little more detail the purse content I carry with me every day (this is hardly exclusive; I'm a woman after all, I always add more things in there...)

Book: I like to have some reading material with me when I'm out, just in case. I'm kicking this nasty habit of being too much on my phone checking Facebook, when it's much more interesting to be reading (which I love!). I've recently been reading nothing but biographies of opera singers; the latter is Bubbles, the autobiography of soprano Beverly Sills. 

Umbrella: I bought this one two years ago at a hair salon in Toulouse; I had gotten my hair dyed and blown-out, and in the meanwhile, it had started raining, which is extremely rare in this southern-French city. Still, they had umbrellas for sale, and I chose the leopard one. I carry it around with me just in case, since it does rain much more frequently in the DC area!

Earphones: I do not have a car at the moment, so I've been walking and using public transport much more, and just like the days before I had my driver's license, I listen to music when going from one place to another. Although back in middle school, I listened to much less opera. Ah, if only I had discovered Wagner back then...

Sunglasses: No, I'm not a diva. I just have very sensitive eyes that require me to wear sunglasses even indoors. It's a totally legitimate condition; Anna Wintour has it!

iPhone: Yes, I'm done juggling a half-working, battery-draining Blackberry Bold for phone calls and texts, and an iPhone for music, social media, and everything else. 100% iPhone user and beyond happy with it!

Keys: To my very own piece of Paradise. At last. <3
I have yet to find (or... make?) a decent key chain.

Wallet: It's the same than last year, thrifted, going sturdy.

Ginger Altoids: I'm beyond addicted to these; I can only find non-traditional Altoids flavours by chance.

Lipstick: I've been juggling a few red shades; the one I carry with me is True Red by L'Oréal.

Lip Balm: I'm usually very faithful to my Rosebud Salve, but lately I've been using this Earl-Grey flavoured balm I found on Etsy; loving it!

Business card case: when someone asks me about my blog, it's always better to take out a card from a box designed for the purpose (and decorated with pink rhinestones, so it matches the pink cards!) than searching for a torn one in my wallet...

Hair clip: My hair has gotten much longer, and some days, I just need it out of my face. So I use this large clip to create an easy updo.

 Estée Lauder Double-Wear compact foundation: I use liquid foundation at home (the whole routine coming up soon...), but like to touch up with this long-lasting compact powder in case it rubs off. And sometimes when I'm having a good skin day, I use it alone to even out my skin tone.

Crabtree and Evelyn rosewater eau de toilette: I have my signature fragrance, but I've lately been using this floral rose perfume as well; it's romantic enough without being overpowering for the season. I carry the small format with me in case I'm rushing and forgot to wear perfume.

Notebook: to jot down anything, from a shopping list to an impromptu novel passage (although I do this much more on my iPhone and email it to myself directly; and when I plan to go somewhere to write, I take my computer with me.)

Hand sanitizer: refer to the part about using public transport. 

Twizzlers: I have an insatiable sweet tooth. In fact, yesterday I had gummy bears, another of my favourite candy, which I intended to infuse with vodka, but add my little cousins in the equation and I returned home with an empty bag.

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Sofia Donatelli said...

Great post. Love your purse and the color.


Cristina Fdez said...

Great post! Love the earphones and umbrella :)

Pop Champagne said...

lovely post! and the color of the bag is niceeee :D

Jade Wright said...

Very organized!!! If I did a post on what was in my handbag I think people would unfollow me it would be so chaotic!! hahaha :)

Maybe I should do one just for the laugh!

Chic Therapy said...

I love that purse!

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