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As many of you know, well, my love for cats is absolutely limitless. I do not have one at the moment since it's a little more than complicated and lengthy to find a loophole in my building's strict no-pet policy (the extent of which I was only informed of after I had signed the lease and informed the management of my intention of having a cat, but ah, well, it's called business, can't blame them), but I know it's possible, and sooner than you can say "miaou" (that's "meow" in French), I'll be welcoming a fur-baby in my home, and spend my days taking pictures of him/her and putting them on Facebook, Instagram and this blog, and I will be absolument insupportable, as we say in French. 
In the meanwhile, I like to surround myself with anything that has a cat on it, from a painting to clothes. I recently purchased this dress from Asos (and will be showing you soon how I style it!), and it had a lot of success whenever I wore it. So I came up with a selection of more kitty-themed clothes and fashion accessories, because when it comes to cats, just one couldn't possibly be enough! 


Tania Franco said...

I'm a cat lover too. Cute kitty finds! What I love most about cats is how independent they and sassy they are. Smart too :)


Seepz said...

One of my friends is lover of all things kitty, she is gonna love this post! Cute finds though!

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Mandy said...

I love a bit of feline influence in my wardrobe so naturally I think that these finds are adorable! Love your picks. :)

<3 Mandy xx

s said...

love the cats! xO!


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