Bronze Glam eye shadow review [Sponsored post] + 50% Discount Code!

September 04, 2013

I have recently received the Star Dust mineral eye shadow from BA Star, a company that creates make-up for cheerleaders, dancers, competitors & trend Setters.   
With the Bronze shade, I’ve decided to create a 1950s Hollywood Glam make-up look. I first do my usual foundation + powder + blush routine, and I swipe a tiny dot of foundation on my eyelids to prime, then I apply matte red lipstick.
Then I apply the loose eye shadow with a small brush. The main advantage is that I can create a gradient with only one shade by packing the brush with more or less colour intensity depending on where I’m applying it: a strong, bronze colour on the eyelid, and only a dust of bronze on the brow bone.  The good thing about this shadow is that it’s a somewhat deeper colour than the usual rosé eggshell tones I wear on a daily basis, and the slight reddish undertones in the bronze emphasize my green eyes and bring out their colour. And unlike the usual palettes for green eyes (purple, mauve, etc.), bronze is ideal to wear with red lipstick because it’s closer to the natural colour of skin, so it doesn’t overpower it. What I also like the most about the Star Dust mineral eye shadow is that because it’s formulated for performers, it stays on for a very long time and doesn’t budge. I’m also glad to say that it didn’t irritate at all my sensitive eyes (I wear contact lenses), which for a loose eye shadow with shimmer is quite an important advantage!
Finally, I apply two coats of black mascara, and I’m good to go!

Now for the fun part: If you’re interested in getting one of your own, you can get a 50% discount by using the code BBDUST (valid until September 30th)

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by BA Star and Brandbacker.

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Afeeyah said...

That colour is so beautiful; I love shimmer! THanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, be sure to follow and check back xxxAfeeyahxxx

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