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August 30, 2013
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While I'm impatiently waiting for Downton Abbey, Season 4, I'm in for anything about the Dowager Countess.

I love everything about cats, including this cat comic to which I can relate very, very much.

I love to wear my hair in beachy waves, and this tutorial explains exactly how to get it right!

This selection of 50 fall trends under 50$ comes in handy when I'm looking to update my wardrobe for the fall.

9 blogging rules to break, not that I didn't break them already...

This website allows you to work on your vocabulary and donate rice through the World Food Program; it's completely free, and the more right answers you get, the more rice gets donated!

I cannot wait to try this flourless chocolate cake recipe, it looks sooo delicious!

I will add this bed cover on my list of crochet projects for the fall-winter; I just love how a single colour and quality wool make an elegant turn on the classic (and easy!) granny square...

This article on the ups and downs of living in DC cracked me up completely!

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Tawny Fawns said...

I love beachy waves as well, definitely going to look at this tutorial!

privateempyrean said...

Beachy waves tutorial finally! thank you!



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