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August 23, 2013
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I've become quite addicted to Candy Crush Saga. Rather funny anecdote: I was stuck on level 23 for a whole week until one day at Starbucks, a police officer saw me play and asked me what level I was at, and when I told him, he gave me the following tip: striped candy + "doughnut" = winning combination! (And now, I'm stuck at level 63...)

A very interesting article about daily life as a Waldorf-Astoria maid.

A relatively old, yet interesting article about the recent Met production of Wagner's Ring; I love the interview with the Rhine-maidens.

I think I may have accidentally fallen in love with this Prada leather fringed bag...

I've recently discovered the Royal Wedding Tea blend from Capital Teas, a DC-based tea merchant, and I absolutely LOVE it! It's one of the most delicious blends I've ever tasted, and I heavily recommend it.

Ingenious clothing hacks from Buzzfeed. Ah, how much I love this site! 

Twelve life lessons from Orange Is The New Black. Excellent! Talking of which, I can't wait for the second season! (Because the first season finale... WOW. I wasn't expecting that!)

Though apparently complicated to make at home, Pad Thai has always been a favourite comfort food of mine, so I was quite excited when I recently stumbled on this easy Pad Thai recipe by My Thrifty Chic. I'll be trying it soon!

Snippet from a modeling job last Saturday. Definition of a good photo shoot: when the photographer doesn't make passive-aggressive comments about your bandaged toe or your skin being slightly broken out because of the medication you're on, but is beyond understanding, finds way around these obstacles, reassures you that the photos are looking great.. I wish all of them were more like that!
(Photo credit: Peter Gamba Photography)

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