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August 25, 2013
Wearing #hijab in support of the Swedish pregnant victim of assault and islamophobia. #hijabbuproppet #hijaboutcry

While I just received rather devastating news to top off a week that wasn't among the best, I owe it to myself, and even more my loved ones, some of whom have put so much effort into my well-being and happiness, to try and see the good things I'm constantly blessed with in my life, and not to lose faith and hope for other things to take a happier turn. 
So, before I return to my box of tissues, chocolate and red wine, here are a few snippets of my week for your enjoyment. 

Browsing through the latest issue of InStyle for some inspiration. 

My way to make a delicious dish out of ramen: sautéed kale and a poached egg! 

Family barbecue earlier today.

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nicoleta buru said...

You look stunning, hun ^_^

Many kisses,


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