Till then, my darlings...

May 11, 2013
Well, it's nothing new, really, but I haven't been posting much since April. Things have been crazy on a personal level, and I find myself unable provide you, my dear readers, with the quality content I would want to create for you. (Is it me, or I always experience writer's block in the spring?)
I actually have an ulterior motive: finishing my novel. I am extremely close to the end, and to the lovely process of publishing, and it is my priority at the moment, so I don't want to be distracted by the demands that come with maintaining this blog, or provide to you less-than-satisfactory content because I'm doing it quickly, in between two chapters.
I'd rather not give you a precise date as to when I'll be back, but let's say June 1st, for the sake of it. I might pop in once or twice in the meanwhile, but for more frequent updates, be sure to subscribe to Sonushka.com on  Facebook (facebook.com/sonushka) and Twitter (@miss_sonushka). 

Till then, my darlings, 

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kristixoxo said...

Hope your novel is coming along nicely and that you'll be back soon,

keyola pey said...

It is almost June 1st! ;) Wishing you the best and hope to be seeing some new content around here! Take care!

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