Four spring beauty essentials

I'm glad to say that winter is over in Montréal, and although I'm told by people who lived here for years that I should expect anything, such as a snowstorm in May, I'm enjoying long walks, more city exploration, or just relaxing by the water.
In any case, with spring here, I have to make a few updates to my beauty routine; while in the winter I layer on products to protect my skin from the cold, I can go a little lighter in the spring and finally pick products that have many purposes in one. So here's four of my spring beauty essentials!

Cleanser:  Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
I have endlessly praised my faithfulness to the ever-classic Ponds Cold Cream, which is the only thing that works on my dry, sensitive skin, but as the weather gets warmer, my skin gets slightly oily. So I alternate with a wash for acne-prone skins every other day or so.

Moisturizer with SPF: Naturopathica Lavender Protective Moisturizer
Obviously, it is important to always protect your skin from the sun. However, one spends more time outdoors as the weather gets better, so this step is even more crucial in the spring.

Lip balm: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm
It may sound paradoxical  but my lips get chapped in the spring as well as the winter. This is because I get a stuffy nose at that time from spring allergies/dust. While in the winter I use a rich formula to protect my lips from the cold, I switch to a tinted balm stick in the spring to make my beauty routine and touch-ups fast and effortless.

Anti-frizz serum: Schwarzkopf Göt2b Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum
Honestly, with my type of hair, I deal with an array of different problems each season, but the worst is when the weather changes every five seconds (Montréal, yeah!). In the spring, my main issue is frizz, which is why I like to carry a travel-size bottle of anti-frizz serum with me when I go out and apply a few drops whenever my hair gets out of control. (And yes, for those of you wondering, it did spill more than once in my bag... Which is why I've learned to put it into a pouch or Ziploc bag, or just make sure it's tightly closed.)

What are your essential beauty products for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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