Colour Splash

April 08, 2013

The arrival of the spring (though I use this term carefully because it's -1 degrees Celcius in Montréal) carries for me a breeze of freshness, renewal, and fun. While in the winter I tend to be a hermit and my favourite pastime is to stay in, make a pot of tea, put on some opera, and work on my novel, springtime is when I come out of my tranquil nest, start actually looking forward for get-together with the girls; long walks around the city where I take photos of whatever strikes my eye; fun; colours; sunshine. 

"Colour" is perhaps a key word here; I cannot sport rainbow shades because of my red hair and fair complexion, and while this is convenient for the fall and winter, where I stick to my black and red obsession (as seen here, here, and here), the challenge each spring is finding a delicate balance. While black and white with touches of colour remains my safety-net uniform, I'm finding myself bending toward shades of rosé and mauve that go well with my hair and complement my green eyes.
Home-decor wise, I am becoming much more adventurous than I'd ever thought I'd be; the issue being that I have too many styles overlapping: Victorian, Oriental, Design, Art-Deco... This is bound to be interesting. 

I find it interesting to compare my taste evolution from a year to another. While last year I could with no doubt qualify myself as girly and romantic, which is completely ideal for spring, this year my style is infused with more maturity; my vision of the woman as a beautiful, dangerous feline first is more and more obvious.

Does the time of the year influence your colour choices? And does your style change significantly from a year to another?

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s said...

oooh those heels are amaze!!! xO!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I think I know exactly what you mean when you say redheads have a hard time dressing up in fun colors. As a redhead too, I find that pastels are oftentimes a big no no and since they're always very present in spring collections it does get really hard to find something flattering. Oh, how I have failed with those! I do love the neon trend though. By using bright accessories I can still add a little color and not look like a clown :) x

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