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April 23, 2013
I would apologize for not blogging for a while, weren't it for this forum thread. Yes, I know it sounds like self-betrayal for a blogger, but I read GOMI regularly. Aside from a few well-needed laughs, it helps me put my blogging in perspective and sometimes avoid doing things that may annoy my readers. Not that I claim to be perfect, you know; and though I always apply constructive criticism, I make sure not to change my voice completely.

In any case, yes, nothing much has changed from my last post; I am much more stressed than I was, unfortunately, and it does affect the quality of my writing and productivity. As I've said before, family drama tends to make things very ugly. Add to that a harrowing forty-eight hours during which, due to a communication glitch, I was utterly convinced that something terrible had happened to my significant other (nothing did, thank God), and it was enough to knock out that "thing" I need to write this blog. I don't know how to define it exactly; a mix of energy and optimism, something that makes me see the bright side of things, and which gives me inspiration and drive to write here.

In any case, I will be back next week with the usual five-day schedule after this totally sudden and unexpected time-off. Meanwhile, I've prepared a little gratitude list because no matter how crazy things are, I still manage to be optimistic... Can't help it!

- First and foremost, I'm grateful I've got someone as wonderful as my Beautiful Love in my life. There are no other words: I'm grateful every second I live. <3

- I'm also grateful for my friends, those amazing people who always manage to cheer me up, make me laugh a lot, and make me feel instantly much less lonely. I love you all! <3

- Also, a big shout-out for the lovely readers who left such kind messages on my last post; your words really meant a lot to me. <3

- I'm grateful for the existence of cats (miaou!), Richard Wagner, chocolate (Riesen are my new addiction!), Earl Grey. Among others. <3

- And finally I'm happy to say that though I've been absent here, I've been advancing quite well on my novel, thanks to the precious help of, you've guessed it, Beautiful Love <3

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kristixoxo said...

I'm so glad to hear that all is well with your love! Looking forward to more of your lovely writing,

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