This Week

March 25, 2013
Tea and writing session at Maison de Thé Cha Noir, yet another of my favourite spots here, with a selection of teas that would make any fanatic go mad! 

It snowed (yes, even in late March!). But I'm starting to enjoy it quite a lot. Some of you may recall my innate attraction to bodies of water (I'm a Pisces, can't help it); I always sit by waterfronts when I am in need for inner peace. I'm glad I finally found my silent, desert spot here (though I did take out the iPod filled with Wagner at one point!). 

Treating myself to a manicure session + vintage ring, my birthday gift to myself!

Carbonara + red wine = HEAVENS! Recipe coming this Thursday (I promise, not like the sablés during the week I was stuck without internet! The post is scheduled and will go live at 6AM Eastern Time on Thursday!)

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