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March 17, 2013
Birthday cake and cream puffs, and wine, naturally.

This week was much better than the last, the highlight of it being my twenty-first birthday! I think it is by far my happiest in years, as I was surrounded with some of my dearest friends, in a city where I am happy and far from negativity and stress (relatively). We had a fun party on Saturday at my place; preparing for it was rather hectic given that I was lacking sleep and thus... on edge, to say the very least, but it was completely worth it. 

Otherwise, I've been focusing on my writing; I still haven't finished my novel because I've been having some writer's block, which... sucks, to say the very least. I know exactly what I need to write, and yet I end up staring at a blank page for half an hour, that is when I don't give up and go on Facebook. However, I am optimistic and certain this isn't something a little discipline and a lot of Earl Grey and Wagner can't solve. 

Getting so close to finishing my novel (and hopefully publishing it) makes me realize for the first time how real this actually is. I began writing it two years ago as a way to find closure and peace from something that hurt me a lot, and it's been a huge voyage since then; when I look at my early drafts and notes, it's as if I am looking at the way I have evolved since then. Yet, because of the main themes that may offend a lot of people, not to mention potentially cause scandals in my family, I do not believe I will claim authorship under my real identity.  Although, who knows, I might have a sudden, unexpected surge of courage and do it. There is so much to be considered, so much to be thought of. It's slightly overwhelming, but it's also insanely exciting. 

Pre-party beauty: hydrating clay mask (I was planning to do a glycolic peel, but thought it was perhaps unwise to try it on my über-sensitive skin the very day of the party).  

With two of my dear friends, Farida and her boyfriend Severin. If you're wondering, no, neither of us got burnt with the candles. But it was a close call hahaha. 

Indulging in some café liégeois at Victoria - Maison du Café, my to-go place when I don't feel like writing at home. I usually have their Chai Kama, but I was in need for caffeine that day. 

 Yes, OH YES! 
(Kitten, you'll understand hihi <3 )

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