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March 10, 2013

Deliciously spicy and fragrant chai tea at Le Victoria - Maison du Café, a delightfully nice coffee shop I've discovered and been to every day to get internet connection. 

In all, I guess I would qualify this week of “lukewarm”. As many of you may have noticed, I did not post as planned because of my ever-lasting internet problems. In short, we've changed our internet provider, and the new contract has started, yet there is no connection, which means I have to drag my laptop from one coffee shop to another; and here, if it isn't the connection that is sketchy, it’s the shop itself and the people who frequent it. I discovered a place called Le Victoria – Maison du Café, which would be simply perfect if only it stayed open past six.

On the bright side, I cannot deny that disconnecting (or rather, being forcefully disconnected) was good in a certain way; though I did neglect the blog (and I've learned my lesson: ALWAYS schedule posts in advance!), I am now extremely close to finishing my novel, which I got to work on without the temptation to procrastinate every time I got a Facebook notification. And needing internet once a day (to check back on the world, and for the daily talk with my Beautiful Love <3) got me to break my everlasting cabin fever. It had become easy for me to make excuses not to go out (“it’s too cold”/”I don’t feel like it”), but now I actually have a vital, unavoidable reason to get out of bed, get dressed, put on make-up (that’s the Mediterranean Leo in me: I need to look absolutely perfect even if it’s just to pick up the mail), and go out.

The soundtrack to this week has been, you’ll guess, Richard Wagner’s music. I’m still on a Parsifal high (Jonas Kaufmann was shirtless on stage at last! Aaaah! He’s also an exceptionally good singer), and I treated myself to an album of notable excerpts from the Metropolitan Opera’s Ring cycle, my very first. Many of the singers (Kaufmann, Voigt, Terfel, etc…) have a voice that is very particular and impossible not to recognize. I have come to realize this production in particular is rather special to me; I needed a change, last year, and basically forcing myself to get off my bel canto safety cushion and plunge into that crazy world of Wagner operas brought so much perspective and… Well, let me summarize it this way: it was either that, or a radical hairstyle/colour change. Last time I checked, I’m still a redhead with medium-length hair. 

I took advantage of the internet connection to treat myself to this pearl: "Twilight of the Gods - The Ultimate Wagner Ring Collection". Given that with the new version of iTunes, I managed to erase all the music I had on my iPod except for opera, I am more than glad to testify that jogging to The Ride of the Valkyries is extremely invigorating.

I was cleaning through old pictures on my phone and discovered these... And suddenly I miss this little 
purry fur ball <3 

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