Six ways to keep soft, beautiful hands

March 12, 2013

In the past, it was said you could tell a lady by her hands. I personally find that soft hands with permanently beautiful, well-kept nails are a telling sign that a woman takes well care of herself. Thus, here are six essential ways I take care of my hands:

1) Buff: I never skip this step before applying polish, especially given that my nails are rather brittle. Buffing with a four-sides nail buffer makes them smooth and shiny, which keeps the polish on longer. 

2) Wear top coat: This is yet another step that I never skip. I hardly ever keep my nails bare, and I always apply bright red polish (currently on my nails: OPI Vodka and Caviar). I keep my polish from chipping by letting each coat dry fully (which is something many salons don't do!), then applying clear top coat. I've tried many different ones (fast-drying, long-lasting, chip-free), but I always end up going back to the OPI Top Coat. I apply top coat every other day, after fixing any small chipping here and there. 

3) Oil up: A manicurist introduced me to cuticle oil, which I rub each night into my nails and cuticles to keep them hydrated, healthy, and soft. I also noticed that it helps my polish stay on longer. 

4) Exfoliate: Twice a week, I do a hand scrub to soften my hands. I love the scrub from L'Occitane en Provence, but in a cinch, you can also mix sugar with coconut oil and rub it on your hands for a minute before rinsing off. 

5) Moisturize: You can never moisturize your hands too much. If you live in a cold weather, it has to be systematic and many times a day in order to keep the skin on your hands from cracking (and worse, nail beds bleeding). I like Burt Bees' Hand Salve because it is not only versatile (I use it on my legs after shaving, and even heat it and use it for a massage), but it provides more moisture than anything else and smells delicious too. 

6) Wear gloves: That may seem obvious in the winter, but one should also wear gloves while doing dishes (for me, it's imperative; I'm "OCD" to the point where I need to use scalding hot water and harsh, disinfecting chemicals on everything). I also slip on cotton gloves before sleeping, after applying the aforementioned hand salve. 

What do you do to keep your hands beautiful? 

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Princess Lea said...

Every night I rub into my hands Kiss My Face Peaches & Creme with 4% AHA Moisturizer. The alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and keep my hands soft.

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