Six essentials for a relaxing home

March 29, 2013

I may not yet have a place I will call my very own home forever, although when this day comes, I can guarantee I will have a blast decorating, and you'll be treated to a very exclusive tour. In the meanwhile, wherever I stay, I like to have a few essential items to make my space relaxing and tranquil, as it is much needed.

1) Candles: I always have at least one candle lit; I believe that to a certain point they channel good energies and create a spiritual atmosphere. And I also like to watch the flame. I have quite an affinity for pyrotechnics, actually. (I hope my landlord doesn't read that...)

2) A beautiful comforter: a bed is one's most intimate space, and I like a comforter that reflects my personality: feminine and extremely romantic, to carry me into a realm of dreams that is completely my own. 

3) Wine: I make it a point to always have at least one bottle of wine ready, whether it is for unexpected friends coming over for a fun night, or for some "me-time" where I need some extra creativity for a writing session. 

4) Sound system: At a certain point, listening to opera (or your favourite type of music) on your laptop just doesn't cut it anymore. So a quality sound-system is a must for a good atmosphere.

5) An indoors fountain: I'm a Pisces, so I need to have water around me; I love rain, and always find myself attracted to rivers, fountains, aquariums. I like indoor fountains because water, in perpetual motion, is extremely calming. 

6) A teapot: haven't I made my obsession with tea obvious enough recently? For newcomers: tea relaxes and beautifies me. Whether Earl Grey or a herbal infusion (peppermint and chamomile are my favourites), it's both a drink and a ritual I am addicted to. 

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