List of Random Thoughts in No Particular Order

March 23, 2013

Trying to remain optimistic regarding romantic situation
Cats and Wagner are among the things keeping me sane 
Dealing with a rather bad case of writer's block
I love the ring I bought today
I discovered that there is a cycling/walking trail close to where I live
I should start jogging
And eat healthier
I need to get the HOTTEST BODY EVER for when Beautiful Love returns
But I'd rather BL returns immediately, even if I'm not exactly in swimsuit-model shape
I love Richard Wagner
Insomnia sucks. SERIOUSLY. 
I think I just pinned 100 cat pictures at once
My stomach has been hurting since yesterday morning. I hope it's nothing bad. 
I need to get a blender for smoothies.
I want chocolate
I think I'm finally beating this writer's block.

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