Let It Green

Eye shadow - Body lotion - Dress - Earrings - Necklace - Shoes

Talk about luck and all; I planned this post earlier last week, and it was all for the best, because I find myself without wifi at home, which means I'm dragging my laptop from coffee shop to coffee shop for basic communication (because it was my genius, bite-me-later-in-the-arse idea not to get a phone with internet access in Canada because I wanted to disconnect from stress, etc) and blogging. Thank Goodness for Richard Wagner's operas, otherwise I'd be going bloody mad (insomnia doesn't help).
In any case, it's March, so here's some green love for all of you!(While I'm surrounded in white... Snow.)

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jhilmilbeauty said...

OMG!!Sophie Mary if I could I would have turned the whole world green(not with envy), I am so much in love with the colour...and Emerald being the official colour of this year...this post is so relevant.

s said...

love all the green! you have impeccable taste! xO!

Kristi said...

I love all of these beautiful green things, especially those heels!

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