Debbie and the Little Black Dress

Hello, my dears! I'm currently at a Dunkin' Donuts drinking chamomile tea and watching the snow fall outside. Unfortunately I've been without internet at home on Saturday, and connection at coffee shops here can be quite sketchy (if not the coffee shop itself, but hey, at least a lot of places are open 24/7... Hear that, DC?). In all, the conditions are not exactly optimal for blogging to me. I know, I know, I should have had the whole editorial month planned in advance, but I find that I can bring you better content when it's spontaneous. Still, I'll learn from my lesson by having back-ups precisely for situations like that.

Anyways, in lieu of today's beauty post, I will be sharing with you this hilarious video of opera singer Deborah Voigt in a parody of what has become known as the Little Black Dress incident; aka when the Royal Opera House cancelled her contract in 2004 because she was too large to fit in a stage costume; she has since underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost a large amount of weight. Like any decision made by a public figure, it hasn't been free of controversy and criticism; some say it has affected her voice negatively. Personally, I've discovered Deborah Voigt during my first full Ring cycle (Wagner) last year (none other than the legendary (and controversial) Metropolitan Opera/Robert Lepage production), and I've grown to be quite affectionate of her Brünnhilde  She is different than the great Wagnerian sopranos, but there are not two identical voices, and what makes a good singer, in my opinion, is their vocal individuality. Since then, I read a lot about her, and though I cannot compare my own weight struggles with hers, I cannot deny the fact that I find her quite inspirational, as she doesn't try to be a heroic figure; she is human and doesn't hide it. 

So I hope you enjoy this video (and opera fans are hiding among you, please... I seriously need to regain faith in Humanity), and I will be back very soon with exciting content for you all! (Stay tuned for a delicious recipe this Thursday, and yes, this is a post I did plan!)

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