A curious case of Alexander-McQueen-itis

March 11, 2013
Top to bottom, left to right:

I am one stubborn piece of work. I always say a lot of things are not for me, as they are too quirky, complicated, unconventional. And yet, I find myself proven wrong, and the good old saying "never say never" proven right. I've had such awakenings a lot of times and in a lot of various areas; last week was fashion. I was randomly browsing the web when I started viewing pictures of the latest Alexander McQueen fashion show. Though I love the designer, the house, and the overall eclectic style, I always thought it was a little too shocking for me. And yet, I was proven wrong one more time: I have since then developed a strong case of McQueen-itis, and this is why you're now seeing skulls featured on Sonushka.com (I can already hear a handful of you going "Oh dear Lord..."). 
But I've fallen under the charm of the perfect tailoring and attention to detail, the britishness, and in all, the complexity behind each garment, each item. It's more than just a bunch of skulls thrown here and there: it's a work of art that bleeds with complexity; it's a whole world apart. 
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Alexander McQueen is to fashion what Richard Wagner is to opera: both a genius and an enfant terrible. 

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kim bim said...

Awesome!!! great picks

Kristi said...

I love these picks - especially the Britannia skull-clasp clutch!

Nicoleta_B said...

Awesome post, my dear.

Have a beautiful week,



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