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February 16, 2013
Marina and Jessica reading the menu

The highlight of this week was Valentine's Day. Though I was feeling down during the day, I hit up my friend Jessica and went to her sorority house in the evening. Well, what can I say; I've always been weary of sororities because they looked to me like glorified bullying, but I discovered quickly that the system in Canada is nothing like  that. I met amazing, warm, funny girls, all sisters of Jessica, and we had a blast! We first had an improvised Les Misérables karaoke at the house, then we went to Les Trois Brasseurs, a micro-brewery restaurant chain that I, not exactly a beer person, now definitely recommend! 

Stella and me

Marina and Jessica


Tartine campagnarde with chèvre, bacon and tomatoes, fries and salad

This sign made me laugh a lot!

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s said...

awe fun photos! U look pretty! xO!

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