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February 03, 2013
Earl Grey tea + heart candy = best cold remedy! (Beautiful teacup: Christmas gift from my auntie) 

Though I haven't posted daily, which was a blogging resolution of mine, I can admit posting the highlights of my week is something I always look forward to a lot because it makes me feel optimistic. I must confess I'm feeling rather down because I've been waiting for something to happen, that was supposed to take "a few days at the most" but has been lasting for over a month, and it's taking a huge toll on me and on the other person involved. In short, I moved to Montréal to be reunited with my partner, but the latter ended up stuck overseas waiting for paperwork. It's been since the summer that we haven't seen each other, and it's bloody excruciating. So... I try to maintain my sanity, keep hope, pretend everything is as picture-perfect as this whole move was supposed to be in the first place and distract myself in order not to let devastation and disappointment take hold of me and turn me completely crazy. In case it doesn't work, I try to think of the people with less luck than me.

And in case that doesn't work... There's always wine, and Xanax.

Vegetable haul at Vert Pomme Fruiterie, a small fruit and vegetable store with prices that beat anything else in the area and an excellent quality.

Home-made bread, straight out of the oven. I based myself on this recipe but added oregano and olive oil to the dough, and formed it into small individual breads instead.

Valentine candy aisle... Yes, please!

Sparkle aisle... Oh, dear me.

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everything looks so yummy! xO!

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