Redhead beauty, re-updated

February 19, 2013

Eye shadow: steal vs. splurge
Mascara: steal vs. splurge
Blusher: steal vs. splurge
Lipstick: steal vs. splurge
Lip gloss: steal vs. splurge

When researching redhead beauty and make-up tips, I was disappointed by what I found: there seemed to be more advocates of natural make-up than the Rita Hayworth vamp-like looks I was looking for. That, I thought, would fit very little with the fiery vixen temperament redheads are reputed to have. To take it even further, I couldn't help but wonder if those websites advocated disappearance, for redheads, rather than standing out and pride. So I closed all the windows before entering my "Redheads are the best!" mode, and decided to make my own rules when it came to make-up:

For the eyes:
Big, bold lashes: against all the advice I found, I never wore brown or clear mascara. My eyes are my favourite asset and I was blessed with long, thick lashes, so I always showcase them by wearing two coats of ultra-black mascara, even at the gym or beach (Yes, I just admitted to that! Thank you, waterproof!)
Eye-colour enhancing lids: I have green eyes, so to make them pop, I wear anything from light pink to creamy violet, or, for a heavier look, plum, aubergine, or dark copper with purple undertones. 

For the cheeks:
Coral pink blusher: It's all about finding the delicate balance between too orange and too pink; the effect you want to achieve is a healthy glow. 

For the lips: 
Discreet: a coral lip-gloss with a hint of shimmer. Or just tinted lip-balm.
Bold: yes, redheads can wear red lipstick! Be sure to pick a matte tone that is a pure red, with blue-ish undertones, and apply it well: first moisturize your lips, then blot, then fill in with a pencil (or skip that step if you don't believe you need it), then apply, blot, reapply, and touch-up during the day (What? Red lipstick is high-maintenance!)
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ravenlocks said...

I've always thought red hair was so beautiful. These colors for the eyes are amazing. It's a bummer that there wasn't much information out there for redheads. Luckily there are plenty of gorgeous redhead celebs (either real redheads or faux) that you can look up to for makeup guidance. I think you did a fab job at this post!

xo Azu

Lauren said...

Is it weird that this makes me wish I had red hair? It's so lovely when its natural! xo

Little Tree Vintage said...

love this, so inspiring

vogueandheels said...

I love red lipstick! Super cute post!


Happie Reading said...

Im not a redhead but I'm a sucker for those coral blushes you chose. I do secretly wish I had red hair sometimes! Your blog is adorable and I am so happy to have stumbled upon it! I am your newest follower!

xo, Kelsey Belle

AWWWESOME. :3 said...

Interesting post! :)
If like my blog, don't ask me - just follow. Probably I will follow You back. ;)

Frank Vinyl said...

definitely agree with the wardrobe choices. everyone needs those

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