Cold weather essentials

February 01, 2013

I've been in Montréal for almost a month now, and it is a transition weather-wise. I experienced a bit of denial (bah, it isn't this cold...), but after my hair getting dry and static, my face blotchy and red, and my skin painfully cracking/bleeding around my nails (à la Black Swan), I realized it was time to make certain adjustments while not sacrificing my style. I've updated my beauty routine to include more moisture for my skin: though remaining faithful to my beloved Ponds Cold Cream, I now use coconut oil as a moisturizer every other day or when my face is particularly dry. I've also made it a reflex to constantly apply lip balm (my lips can get extremely dry, and it isn't pretty), and to motivate myself, I took the resolution of wearing red lipstick (L'Oréal Colour Riche in True Red) regularly. Another beauty reflex I've adopted is applying a thick hand cream (I've discovered a delight from L'Occitane in Boston, and have been using it ever since) under my gloves before I go out, for an added layer of protection. 
Fashion-wise, my winter signature look is back: high heels, lots of fur, the usual fashionista meets comfort meets iron lady. I remain faithful to my staples, long cardigans, black leggings and opaque tights; a trick I've discovered is to wear two pairs of tights on top of each other to keep your legs warm in sub-zero weather. I wear an amber necklace ever since I've discovered that this stone is supposed to keep colds and flu at bay, though I'm not too sure this worked exactly, haha. However I've bought a huge teapot, and drink even more Earl Grey than when I was in DC. Oh, and when it doesn't work, wine does the trick just as perfectly. 

Oh, and if you're wondering: I own those shoes, the one that you've been staring at incongruously ever since you read "Montréal", and I constantly wear them. No frozen sidewalk can make me wear flat boots! (but I brought a pair just in case.)

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