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January 23, 2013
My current hairstyle, and a statement to make: Julianne Moore is a BEAUTY <3

I haven't been too present on my blog due to the fact that I am enjoying my new city to the fullest and getting this utmost relaxation I've been yearning for all these months. These past few days, I've been enjoying time with friends or just on my own while trying to stay warm (it's around minus 22 degrees Celcius in Montréal!) with countless cups of Earl Grey, among other things. I've also been working on my novel almost full-time, occasionally allowing myself to procrastinate by browsing Pinterest for inspiration (in a way, I think visualizing people, places, fashion, etc helps me write better). Here's some of the things I've been LOVING on this fabulous website (my account).

Mouth-watering pasta, must make!

Nurturing my Downton Abbey addiction, nothing new. 

And my Harry Potter addiction too, again, nothing new.

Oh, how much I want to wear this dress for Valentine's day... I've got the perfect matching purse and shoes! (*thinks of fabric/sewing stores in Montréal*)

And yarn stores should expect my visit soon... I SO NEED TO CROCHET THIS!!!

Earl Grey that comes in a pink container = LOVE!

All right, one more Downton Abbey, for luck!

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Lippylash said...

I wanted to thank you (again) for your lovely comment it really made my eyes teary.

That pasata really seems amazing and I'm in love with Julianne's hair! Hope you keep warm (22 degrees, damn, brrrrrr).

Sabrina T. said...

ahah great I love them

Patchwork à Porter

cheryl denise said...

crushing on that dress...oh, if only i had a ball to wear it to!

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