Five Things About her Style: Tamika

January 03, 2013
For this installment of Five Things About Her Style, I have the pleasure to feature the lovely Tamika, a DC girl who writes the blog!

1) Your signature look:
Well it varies... For work, I'm very conservative. For social events I'm usually very extravagant, which is what I'm most known for. Very couture and make-up that always stands out. I am a professional make-up artist so my makeup application must always exhibit my skills. It serves as a walking business card! (laughs)

2) Your secret beauty trick: 
Prime, prime, prime! I have oily skin so I use an oil control lotion, milk of magnesia and a foundation primer.

3) Your purse essentials: 
My huge makeup bag! (laughs). It has everything you would need if you were stranded on an island: makeup, toiletries, hair care. I also don't leave home without electronics, translucent powder, and a good lipstick.

4) Your favourite clothing item or accessory: 
This changes daily! (laughs) Right now, my favorite item is a multicolored necklace with matching earringa. I've worn it repeatedly and if I could wear it to sleep I would.

5) Your fashion idol:
Liberace! do I even need to explain? Over-the-top accessories, sequins, jewelry... My idol indeed! 

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