2013, Year of the Redhead

December 31, 2012

The past two years were difficult. I'm afraid to use a worst term because I don't want to jinx the few good things that happened or were maintained. I think it stemmed from a shock I had in late 2010, when I realized that I had lost this easiness there seemed to be to my life: I had gotten accepted in what I thought was my dream university, graduated from high school with the best grades possible, everything was rolling so easily. And then came 2011, and, in a certain way, hell began slowly and painfully breaking loose. I lost my health, many friends, my faith in the future, had to postpone my studies.

But enough with the past. While this year has been very ambivalent, I truly believe 2013 will be the year of new beginnings; the year I will realize my goals, the year I will turn my life around and get back on the track to success I was meant to be on.

I've already mentioned 13 is a number I attach a particular importance to, so here's my 13 goals (in no particular order from importance):

1) Lose weight; exercise more.

2) Be the best girlfriend I can be.

3) Focus on my recovery, mental and physical.

4) Eliminate toxic people from my life, get rid of stress sources.

5) Get my novel published.

6) Be positive and kind, and a delight for people to be around.

7) Be more financially responsible.

8) Write every day.

9) Work on this blog every day to make it prosper.

10) Cultivate myself constantly; read more classics, study Italian, listen to more operas.

11) Recover my beauty, shape and glamour.

12) Focus on myself, on living a healthier, happier life.

13) Channel and achieve the success I've always yearned.

With that, I wish you all an excellent New Year, lots of happiness and health!

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