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November 05, 2012
I've taken out the hooks and yarn stash, put on Downton Abbey, and started crocheting (again)! I'm making many of this beautiful dahlia square (pattern available on Ravelry) to assemble them in a throw blanket. 

I lost power for about four hours on Monday night due to Hurricane Sandy, and, not wanting to waste battery from my electronic devices, I turned on my candles in what turned out to be a rustic, romantic writing session. I was very lucky, and my heart goes to those (especially in New York) who suffered and lost loved ones during the hurricane. 

I was Lucia di Lammermoor for Halloween. Opera will indefinitely inspire me...

I made Julie's birthday cake (can't believe this little thing is five now!) from scratch and decorated it with marshmallow fondant. I guess all those years of watching Cake Boss on TLC weren't just procrastination but turned out to be useful!

I went to Baltimore today, where we visited the McCormick World of Flavor store on the harbour. It was quite amazing to see the French brand Vahiné. For a moment I felt back in Paris. I also love their little exhibit with their old product packaging. You know me, anything old/vintage works!

I hope you had a great week and you didn't suffer too much from the hurricane's consequences, but you did have a fun Halloween!

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Milex said...

aaaa i love u ~!

Beauty Follower said...

Last night I was knitting a scarf for my nephew while i was watching Downton Abbey!

Senja Y said...

TV-series and knitting/crocheting are a perfect combination! I'm glad you survived Sandy without much trouble.. :)

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