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November 01, 2012

I wasn't planning to get dressed and go out on Halloween. 
I was expecting not to have power after the hurricane, or worse, flooding on my street that would prevent trick-or-treating. But none of that happened. Nevertheless, I hadn't planned a costume. I ran some errands in the afternoon and got back home, intending to spend the evening cuddling in my bed with a nice novel and some tea, only to have my neighbour C. ask me if I wanted to join her trick-or-treating group (which also included my cousins... She's an angel, this woman). I raced back home and rummaged through my closet to find something to put on: there's a tradition I maintain, which is the following: 
on the 31st, EPIC costume or NO costume (this never happened as of today). 

I must say, I listened to Wagner, naturally, but also Lucia di Lammermoor while outin a few words, girl is forced to marry a man who isn't her secret lover-boy; on her wedding night,she goes mad and stabs her new husband, then makes a spooky entrance in the ballroom full with guests, in what has become the most famous madness scene in opera. So here's to inspiration! 

I found this wedding dress three years ago, in the most peculiar of circumstances. It was the summer before my final high school year, and I was jogging (I lost ten pounds in August, and regained them by October... Ah, the joys of the French school!). I saw this woman having a yard sale, and the dress was right there. I asked her the price (which was so ridiculously low I can't mention it here), then I raced back home to fetch money. This story might sound familiar: as a matter of fact, I did acquire some of my best vintage pieces by jog-through impulse buys.
As of yet, I have never been married, although it will be sometimes in the next half-decade (more on that later). But I've always had something for weddings. So that was my excuse for, GASP, buying a wedding dress. My friends' reactions are always very interesting when they see it. Yesterday night, it got inaugurated! 

We took the children trick-or-treating, and not only did I spend time with two amazing ladies (we've had quite an interesting conversation about childbirth... I've never had a child, so I must say it was... interesting. On Halloween, too!), but I had the pleasure to meet another (a Francophone like me!). So here's to new friendships!

And now, I'm going to start preparing (aka, cooking for) my little Julie's birthday party tomorrow. It has to be PERFECT. In fact, she and her sister have seen me doing some pre-prep, and they told me "When you will have kids, they will LOVE you!". To that, also! (but after pain-free childbirth)

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ravenlocks said...

I'm so glad the storm wasn't that bad. The media usually makes a bigger deal out of things...or does the opposite like in the case of Hurricane Katrina, where they ignored the massive lootings and rapings. I absolutely hate the media.

Anyway....I have a thing for weddings as well. I love your costume! I think you did a good job on it :)

xoxo Azu

Elena said...

I'm so glad that hurricane didn't bring any harm to you! We stayed without power for 1 night-so it wasn't that bad! Love your costume!!!

Milex said...

you are a star! I am amazed by you.

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