A beaded clutch

November 14, 2012

Ever since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published, I have been lusting for a tiny beaded clutch, like the famous one Hermione Granger carries with her during the trio's travels and adventures. I am glad to say that afterfive years of searching, I found the clutch at the thrift store I regularly go to to spot some treasures and feel good about the accomplishment (and my eye for beauty), and it seemed to call my name. It looks hardly like the one in the movie, but it's the kind of bag I've thought about when I read the book.

This bag, however, doesn't have an unlimited capacity like Hermione's. I have tried casting an Undetectable Extension Charm, but you know, I've never received my owl from Hogwarts at eleven, so I guess I'm a Muggle. Given the fact that this vintage hand-beaded Walborg purse is quite delicate, I can't over-stuff it without risking damaging it. So a few nights ago, when I was getting ready to go out and about to use it for the very first time, I had to take a few measures.
1) Carry the essentials: ID, keys, money, phone.
2) Think outside the box: literally. I couldn't carry an entire Altoids tin, so I wrapped a few mints in cling film (I am however looking for a tiny antique pillbox. Much classier).
3) Don't mishandle your purse. It's rather obvious: the beading is delicate, and the threads might be fragile, especially if it's vintage. That's something you should keep in mind after you've had a lot of vodka and you're hitting the shoulder of the wasted guy who is talking politics and being LOUD. Just sayin'.

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Milna Mandusic said...

Love the clutch!!

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zhanna said...

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I love the clutch its perfect!!

FierceandFashionable said...

Hahaha, loved reading this because I a BIG Harry Potter fan! Love it :)

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

s said...

thank you for the sweet comment you recenetly left on my blog. i love yours too, and am a new follower. love your clutch! xO!

Jessica said...

Looove your clutch dear!!!

The Fashion Heels

jhilmilbeauty said...

Its so refreshing to come back to your blog and read your posts.I love clutches and this clutch of yours reminded me of one that I had purchased before my wedding(almost 6 yrs back)but never used it.Itshigh time I should now.

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