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October 21, 2012
The past few days turned into a bit of a rather disastrous mess on many levels. But you know me. I'm an eternal optimist and I never accept defeat. So for the next few days, I intend to relax and treat myself, among other, with a lot of Lady Grey tea... Mrs. Weasley was always right. A cup of tea instantly makes you feel better, and has much less calories (if any at all) than hot chocolate.
But for this week's "This Week" article, I will not be showing you any exciting highlights (that would be of such hypocrisy and irony that I can't bring myself to do it, even if, let's admit it, as bloggers, we tend to pretend our lives are nothing but perfect). Instead leaving you with the great delight that is the third act of Richard Wagner's Die Walküre. Opera always makes things better, and there's nothing like Wagner on a crappy day(s),  or even on a good day. This is a Metropolitan Opera production, conducted by the amazing James Levine.

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