In black we trust

October 31, 2012

Wool sweater: from Paris (can't recall the boutique's name exactly)
Leggings: Target
Fur-trimmed boots: Guess
Leather purse: my very first vintage purchase in Paris
Owl pendant: Forever 21

I've been trapped home by the hurricane for two days. I was lucky not to lose power except for a few hours, during which I turned on every aromatic candle I own, and worked, by hand, on the novel I am writing. It was quite a change from typing; a rather positive one. I was almost disappointed when the lights came back on. Yesterday morning, however, I realized if I didn't go out, I was likely to lose my head (imagine every little annoying thing that you usually glide by on a normal day seems a thousand times bigger, and so is your reaction to it). So I threw on the outfit pictured above, opaque leggings, a sweater that is slightly see-through, comfortable shoes and a gold necklace, grabbed my vintage Kelly-style purse, and climbed in the car. 
I put on Die Walküre from Richard Wagner , which instantly put me in an excellent mood, and then drove to a few stores to see what was open and to pick up some necessities I had run out of. I then came back home to bake a chocolate cake, as it is my little cousin Julie's fifth birthday. Later, I went for my traditional evening writing session at Barnes and Nobles, and I took those photos before getting out of my clothes and wiping my face clean with some Ponds.

I wouldn't describe my wardrobe as all-black à la Tabatha Coffey (Hot? Big-mouthed? Australian accent? Love her already!), but I've been wearing this colour much more frequently these days (weeks/months). No, I am not Gothic. And I am not going through a "dark" phase, although I am getting quite annoyed and frustrated by a lot of things these days. I learn to embrace my inner Lady Violet Crawley, as sarcasm is a really entertaining outlet for one's negative emotions. 

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