This week

September 09, 2012
My late-night work-session partner: introducing the Kitty Mug, filled with herbal tea (peppermint is my favourite).

 A little walk at Cabin John Park and passing by this little guy (who is either funny or creepy... or a little bit of both.)

 Trying on a gold-plated "lace" Stella & Dot cuff during Fashion's night out.

 Cookie-making afternoon with the baby cousins (They made everything, I supervised...)

Lavender and basil, freshly cut from the garden (I experimented Provence-inspired macaron flavours)
Cousins love <3 

How did you spend your week?

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Elena said...

This gold lace cuff is beautiful! How was the Fashion's night out?

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone's having loads of fun on the other side of the Atlantic! Can't wait to see you again, girl!
<3 <3 <3

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