FNO snapshots

September 07, 2012
My FNO outfit: vintage dress , brown scarf, cream lace clutch, and black stilettos.

I hope you all had a wonderful time at Fashion's Night Out DC. I have a little confession to make: this is the very first time I attend FNO. The dress I wore is also the one I wore when I saw my very first Wagner opera (The Flying Dutchman at Opéra Bastille in Paris), so I thought it would be a good omen.

I think the fatal rookie mistake I made was not to wear comfortable shoes. I went to Georgetown to attend an event at Tari, which is located at 1525 Wisconsin Avenue. Predictably, I assumed it would be around the corner of M Street and Wisconsin,  so I parked my car at a garage right there (and half the fee I paid was because I waited an hour in line (in the car) to get to the exit booth. The garage had no working elevator, and it turned out Tari was quite a hike from M Street ("but I thought..."). Add to that the fact that Georgetown is paved with slippery cobblestones, and I have a crippling fear of hill terrains, which is even worse with the very high heels I wore. Whenever I was not standing on a completely flat terrain, I could lose my balance if someone grazed me. The streets were packed, so after nearly breaking my neck five times, I took off my shoes and walked up to Tari barefoot. At this point, I had to chose between Bree-Van-De-Kamp classiness and my life. (Okay, I'm being melodramatic... Give me a break!)

Fortunately, the evening at Tari was very enjoyable. I didn't know about this boutique, which sells vintage and designer. On the second floor, I met with bloggers and accessory designers. I was very happy to meet with Julie C., from the jewelry line Stella & Dot. I am hard to impress when it comes to jewelry, mostly because everything's the same, but this line really caught my attention, especially because many of the designs (as you'll see below) are inspired by vintage jewelry. LOVE. Well, it isn't the end of it, so stay tuned!

So enjoy those Instagrams snapshots of my very first FNO! 

Quick snapshot taken in the car before I headed to Georgetown. I'll make a post with better-quality pictures of my outfit and make-up.

Dress made with Chinese porcelain at Tari.

Piano dress... What's not to love!

Stella & Dot jewelry.

Trying on a beautiful Stella & Dot choker necklace.

More Stella & Dot love...

I guess it would be painful to sit in this dress, but what would I do for fashion... <3 

How did you spend your FNO? What fun things did you do?

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Mitha Komala said...

so jealous you went to FNO! you look gorgeous and beautiful with the stunning dress! <3

Letters To Juliet

Sensaatio said...

Love your look for FNO (and I'll make sure to wear comfy shoes for FNO Amsterdam on Thursday!) and the pictures are also great, the jewelry is to die for!

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