Fitness Tuesday: a running app for success

Today, I will be talking to you about Interval Run, an iPhone and iPod touch app I use for my exercise routine, in my quest to lose weight.

Those who know me know I was always a disaster in gym class. I recall a particularly moment, during a parents-teachers meeting that took place at my high school auditorium, where my gym teacher, who was at a desk on the stage (out of anywhere, really), stood up herself to show my parents how I was incapable of catching a ball that was thrown at me. Like any gym teacher, this lady had a very powerful voice, bless her. So here I was, red like a tomato, as she was making an exaggerated impression of my nullity and my lack of hand-eye coordination while about a hundred parents, teachers, and students watched.

Well, the French have never been known for their softness.

In my defense, not only I am the intellectual type (I may be null in sports, but my grades elsewhere were amazing!) but I have always had a preference for more artistic forms of exercise, like ballet, belly dance, and figure skating (all three of which I have done). Also, I dealt back then with out-of-control asthma, which led me to lose my breath after ten seconds of fast walking.

However, since I have decided to shed a (lot of) few pounds to look hot-as-hell before 2013, I knew I would have to tackle running sooner or later, as it is the ideal way to burn fat, and my respiration problem couldn't be an excuse. Interval running was the solution thus recommended to me. Unfortunately, looking at my iPod every once in a while wasn't convenient, and I couldn't keep count in my head for how long I had walked or run.

This is where the app comes in, like a deus ex machina. I always resisted exercise apps, thinking they were only commercial scams and I only needed my two legs to run. But I needed something that would play my music and tell me when to run, when to walk, when I was halfway through my circuit (so I could start heading back home). So I went online, did my research, and purchased Interval Run. For $2, this app has not only all of the aforementioned criteria, but the weekly format helps you to progressively need less walking and be able to run more. Also, it tracks the programs you've done, which is very encouraging.

On my first workout, I had a five-minute warm-up walk, and then a minute of running followed by a minute and a half of walking. I cannot say that it was easy; I felt my muscles tingle, I was sore and full of cramps the next day, and I could not have held a conversation at the pace I was running. But I did not stop, not for a moment. Not to mention, I experienced for the first time an endorphin rush, and boy, that's something.
I am very happy with this app; for beginners, it can be very useful. I definitely recommend it.

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