Fitness Tuesday: little helpers

September 18, 2012

The least it takes to lose weight is the willpower to make a change. Yeah, right. Unfortunately, when you want to see changes fast and you tend to be discouraged, you need a little more help than willpower. This is where a few select products come in. This week, I will be talking to you about the little helpers I use to boost my weight-loss. 

Kellogs fruit crisps: With only 100 calories and packed with flavour, these make an ideal sweet snack or dessert.

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters: Sometimes you just crave something sweet, and fruit simply won't do it. Moderation is key. These divine chocolate and caramel bites contain 120 calories per pouch, which is just perfect for those "crisis moments" when the healthy alternative won't do. 

Cellulite cream: Cellulite can be genetic, or a consequence of weight fluctuation, among other causes. Exercise helps, but so does massaging a gel into problematic areas (belly, thighs, buttocks). I've been using the Nivea cream for a long time, and I like to apply it after showering. 

Green tea: Let's not go over the benefits of green tea, they're too widespread. Bottom line, whether it helps or not with weight loss, it's still good for you. It is one of my to-go drink at Starbucks (especially after  I realized how many calories the Caramel Macchiato had). Venti, with two Splenda. 

Raspberry Ketones: It's considered to be the newest fat-burner. It may be a fad, and it may work or not on you. I've been taking it for over a month, and I must say I am seeing a slight difference from past diets I've tried. I can't say the weight-loss is dramatic, and maybe it's just the placebo effect, but I am less tempted by fatty foods (I haven't had bacon in weeks, and God knows I love it!) and I did notice a certain boost in the weight I am losing. In short, just give it a try.

Ginseng herbal supplement: Those who know me know I constantly complain of being exhausted. But ever since I've been taking ginseng, I've been feeling much more energized, and it has been helping me exercise without getting tired too fast. Diet or not, I think I'll keep taking ginseng. It's a healthier alternative to caffeine. 

Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor before dieting or taking dietary supplements. I am not liable for anything that happens to you if you take the products mentioned above.

However, if you do lose some weight, you're more than welcome to send me flowers. I like orchids, cannot stand anything that looks cheap or unnaturally coloured, LOVE roses but only accept red ones from men I intend to "know"; in the Biblical sense, that is.

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