When in doubt, wear red

August 29, 2012

White dress: from some store in New York (on Broadway, close to Chinatown)
Crocheted red cardigan: gift from my aunt (not the usual one, another ;))
"Mrs Weasley" purse: Claire's (I gave it that nickname)
Black wedges: Payless
Nail polish: OPI Big Apple Red  

I have been more and more feeling empowered by red. I constantly make sure to have touches of it around me, whether on my nails (mostly) or anywhere else. It's like getting a whiff of energy, inspiration and power. Also, in Asia it is said to bring luck, which makes it more than welcome in my wardrobe!
It had been however a colour I have found myself to be avoiding in the past because I was afraid it would, like pink, clash with my hair. Then I realized I should opt for darker shades with purple undertones, at least on my upper body. Problem fixed! 

On a different note, please take a look at the article I wrote for All Things Fashion DC. I contribute to this amazing website twice a week, and today I am sharing my 7 Fall Essentials. 

PS: Would anyone be interested in a red lipstick tutorial? I know there is a lot of info online, but if you think there couldn't be enough, let me know!
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Anonymous said...

i'm interested in tutorial)

Beauty Follower said...

Lady in red...
φωτια στα κόκκινα!

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