Fitness Tuesday: low-cal Caprese

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I've always loved Italian food, so I came up with this easy version of Caprese salad that has just below 250 calories. It can be a light dinner or a healthy salty snack, and it's so simple even a child can do it.


1 (natural, organic, real cheese!) mozzarella stick (80 cal)

10 cherry tomatoes (40 cal)
1 teaspoon olive oil (120 cal)
Dried oregano (5 cal) or fresh basil leaves, chopped (1 cal)
Kosher salt (0 cal)

Directions (I can't believe I'm actually typing this down, it's so simple!)

Cut the mozzarella stick in slices. Cut the tomatoes in half (to release the juices). Toss in a small bowl with the olive oil, the salt and the oregano or basil (the smaller the plate, the bigger the portion will look and the fuller you'll feel, which is pure psychology but still works!). Enjoy the delights. 

If you wish to lower the calories even more, you can always omit the olive oil (big culprit here... I'm so disappointed) or replace it with balsamic vinegar (insert calories amount), or even use only one half mozzarella stick. 

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Sarah Mira Park said...

It's never too late to reach your goal weight!! Lately I've been trying to get into the habit of exercising and looking for ways to keep me motivated!! I love this recipe, it's so simple and easy to make!! Not to mention, I really like caprese salads hehe!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing me love :)


V said...

this looks very delicious! Think I just might try it out!
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