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July 09, 2012

I left for Montréal last Sunday, after a day and a half without power due to the storm that caused some pretty serious damage in the DC area. As many of you know, my fondness for anything remotely French has absolutely no limits, and what I love about Montréal is that I got to see some very dear friends from high school. It is a bit of an inner joke to anyone who has been to the French International School (like me!) that most of us end up at McGill or Concordia. Well, not me, I go to NYU.

By all means, here's a little photo recap of my last week: (Left to right, top to bottom)

1) Ancient Greek art at the front entrance of the place where I'm staying.

2) Interesting flip-flop art and studs. Well, lifeless studs but still.

3) Architecture in downtown Montréal. It is so reminiscent of Toulouse, I couldn't possibly love it more. Unless it actually was Toulouse.

4) Outdoors dinner party at a very dear friend's, Marie, where we roasted marshmallows over tea lights and joked on how much it looked like the end of Wagner's Die Walküre. (Must be a crazy opera fan to understand...)

5) My friend Jessica's laptop. She's a crazy Johnny Depp fan.

6) A street by the Old Port, an area that looks incredibly like Paris.

7) An alley with modern art sculptures.

8) More modern art by the Old Port.

9) The Notre-Dame basilica. It simply looks too much like Notre-Dame de Paris. And the street at the intersection, Saint-Sulpice, reminds me of my favorite scene of Massenet's opera Manon. 

10) A little boutique where Christmas lasts all year long. Of course, it's my favourite holiday, so the fondness level is at about, a hundred. (And you may have noticed I am extremely fond of the word fondness).

11) Reddish bricks that are, again, very reminiscent of my beloved Toulouse. And yes, I've been driving my friends crazy by constantly exclaiming of how much everything reminded me of France.

12) We've enjoyed the amazing nightlife to celebrate the end of my friend's exams (she's taking summer courses), and also the fact that I can legally consume alcohol here. Ah, the joys of being young...!

13) The metro was closed by the end of our wild night, so we walked back home. Even after quite a few drinks and euphoria from the club's atmosphere (okay, mainly from the drinking... haha), I couldn't help being my usual fashionista and notice the lovely cut of this dress, very 60s-inspired, and it's colour, which would certainly flatter my red hair.

14) A lovely chocolaterie. Now that's the kind of store I see myself opening in Bethesda in a few years. Not to mention, I love the name.

15) The pedestrian part of Rue du Prince-Arthur at sunlight. A wonderful place to walk, with tons of nice restaurants, street artists, coffee shops, etc.

16) Espresso allongé and a chocolate cookie at Second Cup, the coffee shop where I spend most of my time working on my blog or my novel (...), or simply slacking on Facebook. It's open 24hours, like many places in the area. Now that's something we could really use in Bethesda!

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Very cool photos. Always nice to see other parts of the world.

Awww sorry you were stuck without power. GLad you survived.

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Beauty Follower said...

NIce pics.
have a wonderful week!

Maya said...

Love this post!

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