A big resolution for a slimmer me.

July 30, 2012
Maria Callas, before her weight loss. Via.

Maria Callas, after her weight loss. Via.

Deborah Voigt before her weight loss. Via.

Deborah Voigt after her weight loss. Via.

Me, before my weight gain, eight years ago (I was twelve, but still.)

Let me start this post by a disclaimer that I do not whatsoever encourage eating disorders and this blog isn't and will never be pro-ana. This said, I do believe that slim is more beautiful than big, and no one, including myself, should feel guilty for wanting to get in better shape.

To be honest, I haven't been feeling happy with the way I looked for a long time. It is easy not to see problematic areas in the winter, when clothes hide and tone your skin. But in a summer dress, everything is much more visible and you get out of your denial. Following a recent incident where an article of clothing I hadn't worn for a long time did not fit, despite someone else pulling the zipper for me while I held my breath (a little bit like this scene from Desperate Housewives, except that in real life, as it happened to me, it was far less hilarious), I decided to seriously take my weight in charge. This time, I will be posting a food and exercise diary on this blog, for everyone to see, which will make me think twice about procrastinating or pigging out. 

In the meanwhile, I've been giving myself a little motivational talk on why it would be good to lose some extra weight. Here's a few points:

- You don't have to worry about something not fitting.

- You can wear any style.
- One word: vintage. The tiny sizes of the fifties and before will fit you!
- A man, lifting you in his arms like a feather if your feet hurt, or just because.
- Oh, well, if you're having a gallant rendez-vous, you'll feel more confident about your appearance. And girl-on-top won't send the gentleman to the emergency room for a broken back.
- Less painful joints, legs, etc. More easiness to exercise. In fact, to stay in shape, you're motivated to exercise, which any health specialist in the world would agree is essential to remain in good health and live longer. 

Also, after gathering a lot of information, whether from books, magazines, online, word-to-mouth or simply common sense, I've come up with a few rules I want to apply to make my weight-loss easier and healthier:

- Eat whole (grains, sugar) as much as possible.
- Avoid or eliminate soft drinks (this is going to be difficult as I am quite the Diet Coke addict). 
- Replace sweeteners with raw sugar. 
- When about to stray from my plan, drink a large cup of water.
- Drink sparkling water with lemon or lime juice to flavor.
- Drink unsweetened tea. 
- Exercise 1 hour a day. 
- Stick with the plan. 

Well, do wish me good luck. As I go through this "journey" (now I'm making myself sound dramatic...), I will be sharing some tips and insights that hopefully some of you may find hopeful.

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Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Those before and after photos are amazing. I've been fueling like you to. Hopefully I stay motivated as you

Stop by and say HI!
Confessions Of A City Girl

ravenlocks said...

Good for you for choosing to stay away form artificial sweeteners! I'm always telling people about how horrible they are for you. There have been several studies done that show the negative health effects relating to artificial sweeteners. I ALWAYS avoid aspartame (Splenda), High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Sucralose. It's funny because I happen to be reading a great book on that called "Sweet Deception." I'll write a review on my blog when I'm done :)

Sorry for the long comment! lol



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