Summer inspiration

Summer inspiration

Hat - Forever 21, 13$ 
Sundress - Marc Jacobs, 329$
Necklace - Ela Stone, 105$
Flowery top and shorts - H&M, each 31$
Straw tote - Kate Spade, 170$ (sale price)

I have a confession to make: I am not inspired by summer fashion-wise. But you must have certainly deducted this from my lack of posting this month. I was tempted to make a fall-winter shopping list (this redhead is moving to New York soon and will need a whole new wardrobe!), but it is a little important to avoid being labelled as "crazy": some people might not understand my year-round love for emerald colours, cashmere, leather and soft furs... *gets lost in thoughts*
I must say, living in a place where summers get intensely hot, my main concern is to wear something that won't be too delicate to wash at the end of the day, when I'm sweaty and dehydrated. But I must say that this year we've been blessed by a few nice days, and I've taken advantage of them, walking around instead of driving, and sitting with a bowl of fresh blackberries (we have a constant supply thanks to our blackberry bushes in the garden) with cold tea or lemon water and a delicious novel. 
Clothes-wise, I like to keep things French-Riviera chic, black and white linen with golden jewelry and - gasp - my favourite alliance: straw hats and tote bag with organza bows - simply perfect. I have however fallen in love with this flowery ensemble from H&M: the retro pin-up style is simply to die for although it would be a little difficult to wear away from the beach. Unless you're doing a pin-up photo shoot. Which isn't in my near future... or is it? 

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Beauty Follower said...

Its to hot here in Athens
i would like some of the strawberry juice!

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