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June 11, 2012

Today, I will be showing you my skincare routine and what I use to look as fabulous as I can be. Above is my make-up table, right by a window so I can use the natural light to get ready. And no, it isn't nearly as empty or well-organized usually. Haha. 
Disclaimer: inner beauty is more important than anything else. Cultivate yourselves, ladies, read your classics, learn a new language, read the papers everyday, educate yourself about everything.
But hell, the envelope matters too when it comes to feeling confident and good about oneself. Many of those who know me closely or those who have been reading my blog for a long time know that a year ago I suffered of a skin affliction that affected my confidence, my self-esteem and my whole life very negatively. Thankfully, it is soon going to be nothing more than a bad memory, thanks to this wonderful team. Still, it has lead me to take much better care of my skin (and potentially freak out when I see the slightest blemish, but it’s rather justified).

My main issues are redness and a few acne scars, sensitivity to the sun, because my skin is naturally very fair and a side effect of Accutane is that it makes it more prone to sunburn, and dryness (also as a side effect).
My objectives are to make my skin heal so I can wear a minimal amount of make-up (getting there!), protect it from sun damage and skin cancer, and avoid premature aging.

With no further waiting, here is my routine:

1) Morning and evening, I cleanse my skin with Ponds Cold Cream. I apply a coat all over my face (not too thick, but enough so you can see the white product), let it rest for two minutes, then wipe it out with cotton pads. This classic product is a favourite of my grandmother’s and the very distinctive smell reminds me of the dear lady. I was afraid at first that it would make my skin very oily, but there was none of that. In a few weeks of use, my skin has gotten less red and irritated, which was a problem when I used cleansers for acne-prone skins. It has really helped me with the dryness too. It also removes make-up really well, even waterproof mascara, without irritating my sensitive eyes. I do not need to use anything else with it, but those of you who have oily skin might want to use a toner after. 

2) After cleansing, I wait a few minutes to let my skin breathe and absorb whatever remains from the cold cream. In the meanwhile I apply Rosebud Salve (another classic!) on my lips (which the Accutane makes very dry and chapped, unfortunately), and maintain my eyebrows by plucking out (obsessively) any stray hairs with tweezers.

3) I apply a dime-sized dollop of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Pro-recovery Skincare all over my face, focusing on the problematic areas (scars, redness, etc). I have discovered this product in Paris, after my eyebrow area got burnt by extra-hot wax. I went to a pharmacy to get something to help heal my skin, and one of the countless good things about France is pharmacists actually help you find the best product for your needs. Sometimes, they try to sell you the most expensive thing they have, but you can kindly ask for a similar product at a lower price. I was given this serum and not only it helped heal my burns in two days (and  all the other "ouchies" I had... Yeah, happens a lot) but it has really helped counteract the scary side-effects of Accutane (such as deep scarring, rosacea, etc), of which I was quite worried since I have fair, sensitive skin. 

4) I moisturize with L'Oréal Youth Code SPF 30 Day Cream. Again, I have light skin and I tend to be paranoid about the negative effects of sun exposure, so SPF is very important for me. This cream also helps heal former acne damage and such, which again is of major importance to me.

Those of you reading this blog for a long time have heard me rave about my "beloved" L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream. Why, might you ask, have I forsaken it for another? First, because it isn't on the L'Occitane website anymore (there's one with a different design... I'll have to investigate.), so I'm afraid it's been discontinued, and whatever is available for sale on other sites will soon be past the expiration date and thus not to be within a hundred miles from human skin *Vade Retro Satanas!*. Although I'm sad I might not be able to find my favourite cream anymore, it is time to move to new horizons. I have been transitioning to a different cream, altering with what is left in this beautiful glass jar with such a chic design *tears*.

5) Using my ring finger, I apply L’Oréal Age Perfect eye cream for mature skins under and around my eyes. I am very happy with this eye cream, especially in the past few weeks where I have been lacking some sleep. It has made me look more awake, getting compliments which included the French word "radieuse". My favourite.

Why, might you ask, do I use products for "mature" skin when I have just turned 20? Well, first, because under-eye circles that easily get dark and puffy run in my family, second, I don't sleep always too well, and third, having lighter skin and thus being more prone to sun damage (despite being Mediterranean... DNA is a bitch female canine, really) makes me look older than my actual age, so the prevention starts now. Products for older women contain more of the ingredients that help reduce and prevent the signs of aging, so here we go.
Disclaimer: aging isn't bad. I personally think us ladies are like wine (or cognac!): the older, the finer. But the focus is on "finer": there's a difference between a bottle of Bordeaux left to age and some of the wine you buy in a brick (or moonshine product, with all the little insects and beasts from the forest crawling in the moonshine bin or whatever it's called... I don't engage in illegal activities so I wouldn't know). Let's make the difference on being the Bordeaux in the start.

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Kimberly said...

great post i definitely need to get a new product for my eyes, i have such horrible bags!

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