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May 13, 2012

Happiness: as simple as a dish of al-dente linguine pasta with freshly-grated Parmesan, dried oregano and a fillet of olive oil.

I can finally wear my flirty, décolleté summery tops since the weather is warmer.

Candied citrus peel I just made, letting them dry for a few hours on aluminium sheet before rolling them in sugar.

Yet another biography of my idol, Maria Callas. What a voice. What a woman. What a life. 

Traditional dances at the Greek Festival last Sunday. The photo isn't of the best quality because the dancers were moving very fast (I'm thinking, Greek folkloric dances are the new Zumba... who's with me?)

Happy Sunday and Mother's Day! In less than an hour I'll be sitting in front of the TV watching the two-hours finale of Desperate Housewives! Can't wait, even though I'm rather sad the show's ending so soon :(

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1 comment:

Beauty Follower said...

Pretty dress!
I totaly agree that Greek folkloric dances are close to aerobic... especially dance like ''Malevizotis'' (cretan dance) lol!

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