Spring uniform

Spring uniform

I have been taking it rather easy this spring, trying to relax as much as possible before heading back to New York this fall for university. Whether it is reading a nice novel or yet another Maria Callas biography in the garden if the weather allows it, cooking (I recently made scones and candied citrus peels on a rainy day, among others), working on a crochet project or spending some time with friends and family, I have been keeping my life as simple and tranquil as possible.
This has also reflected on my wardrobe: Instead of spending over an hour creating an outfit, I have found myself slipping into a comfortable uniform for coffee runs, school drop-offs (this makes me sound so much like a suburban mother, while I am twenty and childless... good practice, I suppose), shopping, or anything that doesn't require too much effort. This obviously doesn't mean that I have given up on style, oh no. But my dressing has been revolving around six main essentials (and I do mean, strict essentials, although a wardrobe cannot simply extend to that).

White dresses: Crisp and simple, mine are well-fitting and bring a whiff of summer to the spring.
A trench coat: Essential for when the weather suddenly turns colder, and very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have chosen mine in a classic beige, although I do like bright colours such as cherry, green or blue.
A golden chain necklace: It brings a little shine and this "French Riviera vacation", feel, I find.
Black wedges: Most spring essential lists have flats, but I always wear heels, no matter how much I walk. For the spring and summer (and early fall), I like a classic black model that allies comfort and chic.
A hair serum: An essential to fight frizz and dryness, especially when the weather is humid and changing.
A sweet flowery fragrance: I brought back this vanilla-violet perfume from Toulouse, in the south of France, and every time I apply it, I remember this wonderful city and all the happy moments I had there.

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Megha Varshini said...

love the trench...


Jhilmildsaha said...

I am extremely happy to inform you that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

Elena said...

Great collection! love the white dress and I also have the "healthy sexy hair' product and like it a lot!

Anonymous said...

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