Twenty years, twenty facts!

March 14, 2012

So today I turned twenty, and so far, my day is going great! I had these "Twenty random facts" sitting in my Blogger drafts for a little while, and even though I wanted my readers to know me better, I didn't know when would be the right moment to publish them. I guess that's when turning twenty comes in handy!

1 - I could live off sushi and dark chocolate.

2 - I have been voted "first to die in a horror movie".

3 - I genuinely believe I am the only person under 30 to love opera. (manifest if objection, and preferably leave your email address, I'd like to invite you over to my "Sushi and Madame Butterfly" night. But wait, who am I kidding! I get along very well with people over 30, I relate to them more than people my age.)

4 - I made some wonderful friends over the Internet; seconds before I met them in person, I prayed they wouldn't be serial killers.They weren't.

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5 - Sometimes I sleep with my make-up, and - gasp - contact lenses.

6 - But I always pray before I go to sleep. Almost by superstition.

7 - When I am bored, I take webcam photos of myself where I pretend I am an Old Hollywood star (one of those you can see above). Big imagination, what can I do?

8 - I am platonically in love with Anne Boleyn and Maria Callas.

9 - Last Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives ("You take it for granted") made me believe true love exists. And broke my heart.

10 - When I think of men having to shave their face every single day, I feel thankful I'm a woman and only have to do this (and the nicks and cuts that come with it) on my legs. And - gasp - not necessarily every day.

11 - I only wear red nail polish. I have about 8 different shades of red, and many more colours, including blues, pinks, purples and silver, but when I decide to be bold, I always end up trying 10 colours, then removing my polish and re-applying red.

12 - Spelling mistakes in French really bother me. For months, I wouldn't text/email in French from my Blackberry because I hadn't yet figured out how to put accents.

13 - 13 is my lucky number. It always has been.

14 - I am 5'9, yet I am always wearing high heels. And it is common knowledge that my feet always hurt.

15 - My name is the Greek word for wisdom, yet there are moments were I am extremely impulsive and obstinate.

16 - My favourite ice cream flavour is mint and chocolate chips.

17 - I love it when they sing at Coldstone (the ice cream store).

18 - I had a semi-imaginary friend when I was five. I say semi because it was a children's ironing board, covered in pink flowery fabric, on which I drew a face. It was approximately my size back then. Her name was Lea and I used to drag her everywhere. And everyone would wonder why this kid is dragging an ironing board around...

19 - I do my own hair colour because I don't trust anyone with my hair.

20 - I am kinda blocking on fact number 20...

I hope you found this interesting! If there is more you'd like to know about me, please ask!

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Sensaatio said...

Happy belated birthday! Oh, and you are not the only person under 30 to love opera, I would accept the invite to a sushi & Madama Butterfly evening anytime ;) This is so scary because I can relate to you with almost every single fact, we even share the same favorite ice cream flavor :D 

This is my first visit to your blog but I think I will most certainly come back again and again :)

Jhilmildsaha said...

Happy Belated birthday dear!!

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