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March 17, 2012

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday, with family and friends. A very dear cousin from Atlanta joined us and we all had a blast. I've discovered that Eva Longoria's birthday is the day after mine (just like one of my best friends! Yay!) I also share a birth date with the first king of united Italy, a genius, and a handsome (but married) prince, among others.

The weather went in a flash from mild winter (no snow this year, thank God) to July warmth. In our garden, yellow jonquils (?), lavender, and aromatic herbs are growing and making the air deliciously fragrant (and they transform a simple dish of whole-grain tortellini into a true delight). I also spotted these violets which instantly reminded me of the south of France.

On Thursday, Aurélie and I walked to Wildwood shopping center for coffee and pastries. I was delighted to see that a cupcake store, Fraiche Cupcakery, had finally opened. Auré had a red velvet cupcake, and I had the lemon-almond. They were perfect, even better than Georgetown Cupcake, and the staff was definitely friendlier and more courteous.

I began my Spring/Summer shopping (as an obvious aftermath of my birthday ;)) by purchasing a pair of black open-toes wedges. I've been buying the same model for years: they're so comfortable for long walks (last year, I walked in them from Dupont Circle to Georgetown to Arlington) that they become worn out by September. Of course, they take a week to break in, during which feet suffer excruciating pain and blisters and must endure Hello Kitty Band-Aids mummification.

Last but not least, here are a few links I loved this week that I'd like to share with you:
Teri Hatcher's definition of beauty. This Q. and A. with Oprah shows what an inspirational woman Teri is. Not only is she a great actress, but she's someone you can look up to. I subscribed to her official Facebook page (as well as the other DH ladies) and just love her posts, especially the photos taken on the set of DH. That is, when I'm not watching cheesy Youtube Mike and Susan fan videos. (Yes, I'm that hopeless).
- Danielle Pascente's Top 5 tips for getting into summer shape on this blog that I discovered while clicking through comment signatures (yes, I do that to find more blogs worth reading). I was looking for a simple, clear weight-loss getting-back-in-shape plan, and that was perfect for me!

That's all for now! I wish you all an excellent week-end!

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Lapetiteblonde said...

happy bday delated dear!!=)
nice photos!!xoxo=)

eloise penaud said...

love the cupcakes!

Sensaatio said...

Oh the cake and the cupcakes! I'm also a little jealous of the Spring arriving there, here in Southern Finland we still have snow and ice on the ground, but luckily no new snow in couple weeks... snow, snow, melt away, even though it will mean that my hay fever will come for a visit :D 

cheryl_denise said...

better than GTCC?! i must try for myself and see!

SophieMarieF said...

It really is! I suggest you go very soon while they still have their St. Patrick flavours!

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