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March 08, 2012

Julie has a cold and can't go to school. I have a cold and don't feel like going out. Logical consequence: We're cuddling in my bed, eating candy, and watching cute kitten Youtube videos on the Ipad (and Potter Puppet Pals too1). 

I am six days away from entering the next decade of my life (the one where you start obsessively using anti-wrinkle products for prevention, of course). For this very last week before what looks to me like quite a stepping stone, here are some of the things on my current love list:

- This cat joke, which cracked me up, and with which I definitely agree.

- Receiving the Ulta catalog in the mail today, full of new exciting products and very interesting savings. I'm thinking, birthday shopping spree next week!

- This comic strip drawn by a former classmate and good friend.

- Good girly romantic comedies for rainy nights, with a home-made grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, and a glass of wine. Like The Holiday, Legally Blonde, Something Borrowed, 27 Dresses and, best of the best, Bride Wars! Epic Kate Hudson moment: "It's blue! My hair is blue! I'm getting married in a week! A WEEK!' 

- This scene. Marlon Brando, in a ripped, wet shirt. Rawwwr. Suddenly, I'm feeling much more Leo than Pisces.

- The bright red nail polish I'm currently wearing on my fingers and toes. Such a great way to walk into Spring!

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Amy said...

Hope you guys feel better! I just got over strep and my son had a horrible cold (which my husband now caught). So rough being sick! I agree w/ you on the red nails though!!!


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