Spring shopping list

Spring shopping list

I have to say, I am not at all happy with the Spring-Summer fashion trends this year. It's maybe due to living in Paris, but I have a bit of a pet peeve against the overdose of ultra bright colours that seems to be the must this season. Maybe it's because I am a redhead, but there are only certain colours and combinations that I am comfortable with (and it's not due to a lack of confidence, thank you very much). I am not one to follow fashion trends blindly (even less hair and make-up, so don't you expect to see me with a bejeweled eyebrow anytime soon!), but rather dress in what I believe is chic, ladylike and timeless. This winter, I was in the mood for rich jewel tones paired with blacks and grey. Last summer, my wardrobe consisted mainly of blacks and whites with golden jewelry and colourful accessories. For this spring, I want florals, sweet tones of rose and beige, crochet lace (I've got a few DIY projects in mind), and the likes. Here are some of the essentials I've got my eye on for this season:

1 - A cropped cardigan: it's a must-have for the uncertain weather. 
2 - A satin camisole: it's sweet at day, sexy at night, and romantic. 
3 - A silk shirt: perfect with a pencil skirt for the retro lady-like look.
4 - Straight pants in a neutral colour: I simply love the high waist and belt on these. 
5 - A cute corset: sweet lingerie to look like models in spring perfume ads.
6 - Matching panties. 
7 - A pendant on a long chain: I am in love with this tiny perfume bottle covered in lace. 
8 - A charm bracelet. Cute and romantic. 
9 - A pink blush: because having "bonne mine" as they say in French is a must for spring!
10 - A pastel polish: last year, I tried violet. This year, I'm trying mint green. (I always wear red so it's quite risqué for me)
11 - A floral fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacob is one of my favourites. 
12 - A soft pink lipstick: to bring a healthy splash of colour to the face, while keeping a delicate balance. 
13 - Nude heels: they elongate the leg and make the silhouette look finer. 
14 - Ballet flats: practical for long walks in the nice weather. 
15 - Flowery wallet. 
16 - Old rose bag: this one has the "it-bag" look and a very beautiful colour, yet won't break the bank. 

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Walking on Sunshine said...

I like your choices so much! I think that it's good to find something fashionable which fits well with our colours, just like your red hair :)
It's better buying things consciously than follow blindly new trends! xoxo

keyola pey said...

Gorgeous choices :) You MUST get Daisy ASAAAAP!!!! ;)

Lady and Olga said...

Very pastel, love it ! :)

BlondeMuse said...

you never can do wrong with neutrals :-) xo

Anna said...

I love your Spring wishlist and I so connect with what you wrote. I too don't blindly follow trends for the sake of following trends (Im certainly aware/mindful of them) and still like to stick to my style whilst incorporating them if and should I like. I LOVE all your picks though - right down to the green butter nail polish (in fact, its so un canny, I painted my nails that exact colour last night!) .. I will have to see about getting myself a pair of those gorgeous pants too!
p.s thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog - I loved it and it was so so true.

Anna xo


lapetiteblonde said...

love the heels dear!!super chic things!!

Crystal said...

ooo! pretty stuff for spring! :)

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