Product Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 110

Summary: Best drugstore foundation, very satisfied.
Pros: Oil free, dermatologist tested, matches skin tone, blends perfectly, light yet hides blemishes and imperfections, great price (7$) for excellent quality.
Cons: None that I can think about, except perhaps that you can't apply it with a sponge because the texture is so light, fluid (and oil free) that the sponge absorbs it entirely and nothing ends on your skin. You end up wasting product.
Comparable to: Make Up For Ever HD foundation.

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Long, detailed review:
I've had a lot of trouble finding foundations that fit me completely and have the texture and coverage I need. The very few I found that worked for me came from upscale brands, meaning that for 35$ and more you have less than an ounce of product which with daily use and touch-ups would last me for about two weeks. That is when their lighter shade doesn't become two tones darker than my skin after 30 minutes (I think the natural oils/pH/oxidation have something to do with this, but I am no scientist).and looks like a mask, or worse when it rubs off. I was a little skeptical about drugstore brands after my big disappointment with the L'Oréal True Match, which was anything but a true match and melted by the end of the day.
My need for full coverage diminishing more and more as my Accutane treatment kicked in, I decided to give a drugstore brand a chance. I tried a few mineral foundations that covered perfectly but where simply too dark. Then I heard about this line by Maybelline claiming to fit perfectly to any skintone. I first went with shade 120,  but when I realized it was too dark, I bought shade 110, which is the lightest, and I usually mix it with a tiny dot of 120.
I wear it over my L'Occitane moisturizer, which I let my skin absorb for a few minutes. The texture is light and very fluid. I apply it with my fingers, because the sponge I used at first would completely absorb it. It covers blemishes and dark circles perfectly and blends with the skin seamlessly. I reapply on stubborn spots, dabbing it with my fingers. With the Fit Me pressed powder (in 110) dusted over with a large brush, it stays all day until you wash it off and never rubs off.
It was a risky try, but this didn't make my skin break out or cause me any allergies. For a drugstore brand, I must say I am entirely satisfied. I have been using it ever since, and don't intend to switch anytime soon, until hopefully I won't have to wear any liquid, full-coverage foundation. Then I am thinking Bare Minerals, or any powder that doesn't become darker on my skin

Since this is one of my favourite products, if you'd like to buy it, I'll be very thankful if you click on this link to purchase from Amazon. I'm a member of their affiliate program, so I'll be making a small profit if you buy items through my blog! To shop more of my favourite items, visit my beauty cabinet.

PS: You may have noticed the "Comparable to" in the summary. I think it can be useful for comparison as much as for people looking for a less pricey alternative to an upscale/department store product. I will put this in my future reviews, when there is something that I've tried before and that almost identical to the product I am reviewing. 
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Sensaatio said...

I should probably try Maybelline's Fit Me, because my current foundation is too dark, I have to mix it with moisturizer to get the color right... Maybe this time I'll be able to find a foundation that's light enough :)

Kimberly said...

i really like their fit me collection i use their pressed powder and it's great!

Jhilmildsaha said...

Thank God!!this one's good.I have tried the Dream Satin one and it was so sick!!I have to try this one,specially becoz it is oil-free.

Bekah June said...

I've been using 110 since I discovered it last summer. I've always had a porcelain complexion, ivory coloured foundations left me pink in appearance and most definitely looking fake. The department store brands typically have a light enough shade in stock but I found myself having to special order...way too pricey. I absolutely love 110, its light enough to wear during the summer & I never worry about touch ups. It covers perfectly & I concur about sponges soaking it up. That would be my only complaint but I can live. Love your blog, just discovered it!

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